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Congrats to the winners of event six on the YouRiding Surfing World Tour. JDR*** (New Zealand) is finally one up on Bajan (Barbados). The Brazilian, AHDUARTE, is looking solid but it’s going to be tough to get out of that third place spot. Still like getting pitted at Barra de la Cruz? Go ride it now:  #yrleague #youriding #surfing #surf #surfer

Take advantage of the weekend and get some of the biggest waves we’ve seen this event. Go rip Barra de la Cruz!


Today we celebrate the addition of Snapper Rocks and Teahupoo in the VR surf simulator! We were absolutely stoked to have professional snowboarder and olympic medalist @lindseyjacobellis, Becky of @actionsportslaw and @hibbsy12 of Soloshot to compete for best score. Email for a chance to come try this amazing game, if you are in Southern California! #youriding #surfsimulator #virtualreality #videogames #actionsports

IT’S ON! The Lightning Bolt Campeche Pro is going down in the warm weather of Campeche today.The exclusive and limited Lightning Bolt surfboards are available to ride and rip during the event. Send us your framegrabs and let’s see what you got. #lightningbolt #yrleague #youriding

Update The Journey today! You’re be able to visit the crew at Baja Malibu and get nuts in the heavy barrels of Northern Baja! ‪#‎youriding‬ ‪#‎thejourney‬ ‪#‎yrthejourney‬