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First day of the Skeleton Bay Pro is pumping! Super long perfect 4-6 foot left-handers are screaming down the coastline. Get out there and get those high-scoring rides in early! >

Who’s ready to get pitted this week?


The BASQUE COUNTRY IS FIRING! The EQ Love Mundaka Pro is on and it's going off! The waves are six to eight feet... perfect for an all out barrel-fest! The long left point break is begging to be torn apart! Pumping down the line and in the barrel will get you through the fast sections and give you the speed to launch your aerial assault on the end bowl. Don't let this day of competition get away from you. Get out there! As they say in the Basque country... ZORTE ON! (Good Luck!) @eql0ve‬ @edu_bartolome

What's up surfers? If you've got time to pull away from the Faroes event, be sure to put in your time for next week's event... the EQ Love Mundaka Pro. It'll be the eighth event on the YouRiding Surfing World Tour. Take a trip to the Basque country, practice in empty Mundaka and Never Stop Riding! @eql0ve ‪@edu_bartolome ‬

YouRiding is excited to be able to include the latest chapter in Ben Weiland and Chris Burkard’s gorgeous explorations of the cold fringes of the surfing landscape.

"Faroes" available now on Vimeo:


Faroes is the story of an epic 2015 trip to the remote Danish archipelago by surfers Dane Gadauskas, Tyler Warren, Sam Hammer and Justin Quintal. The icy water and extreme coastline of the islands challenge the crew on their search for waves, but their perseverance pays off. Beyond the surf, the film explores the stunning beauty of the land and gives fascinating glimpses into the isolated lives of its Viking-descendant residents.

Oct 15th-18th / Best Gameplay wins / Wear the custom hooded fullsuit for a chance at $20,000 YRC in prize money.
Custom wave matching the movie with a 5/4/3 hooded fullsuit available here: >